Privacy Policy

This website is being owned and operated by CONTI STL LLC (“we” or “us”). For General Data Protection Regulation, CONTI STL LLC is the data controller located at Kengaraga street 2G, Riga, Latvia LV – 1063.

This Privacy Policy will set out the basis on which your personal data, whether collected by us or submitted by you, shall be processed in relation to your access to or use of its services, including but not limited to its marketplace, public forums, social media, or other services being offered or made available by CONTI STL LLC (collectively the Service). Please carefully review this privacy statement before using any services being offered on this website.

This Privacy Policy, as part of your agreement with CONTI STL LLC, will help you understand our views and practices regarding your personal data and explain how we can collect, process, store, use, or share this information concerning your use of the Services on this website. In compliance with General Data Protection Regulation, all collection/processing of your personal information will take place in a lawful, fair and transparent manner. Your personal data will be collected for the explicit and legitimate purposes as specified in this privacy statement and no further processing, whether in a way incompatible with those purposes or otherwise, will take place unless such processing or storage of your personal data is required in the public interest, scientific/historical research, or statistical purposes as outlined in the applicable laws.

We will take appropriate measures to ensure that personal data, whether collected by us or submitted by you, is accurate, up-to-date, adequate, relevant, and limited to those that are necessary for relation to the purposes for which they are collected/processed. All personal data that are inaccurate or do not meet this condition will be rectified or erased without delay.

What we may collect

When you purchase any race fuels on this website, we may need your personal information such as name, contact number, email address, credit card information, and other details that are reasonably required to process your order and deliver the products in a hassle-free manner. Your failure to provide accurate, relevant, and complete information will result in a non-performance of our contractual obligations as outlined in your agreement with CONTI STL LLC.

However, we will never use any kind of automated tools and techniques to collect your personally identifiable information. Any information that can be used or combined with other data to uniquely identify you will be collected/processed only when you voluntarily submit that information to:

  • Create your account on this website.

  • Purchase any fuel being offered or made available on the website.

  • Register your complaints or submit any feedback regarding the Services being offered on this website.

  • Participate in surveys or promotional events being organized or sponsored on this website.

We may record and archive your requests, complaints, feedback, or other communications with us, but we do not plan to collect/process any sensitive data, whether communicated or otherwise.

Use of Cookies

We may use certain automated tools and techniques such as cookies, log files, or pixels to collect/process your device or system-related information like device type, operating system, browser type, configuration settings, preferences, search history, and browsing behavior on the website (collectively the user data). We may also use cookies to:

  • Collect/process information related to your IP address, Internet Service Provider, entry and exit pages, total time on the website, most clicked pages, features, or links, preferred race fuels, and other details or metadata related to your use of the Service.

  • Research visiting patterns, search history, and preferences to facilitate targeted ad placing.

  • Research or evaluate the performance of any promotional offer or the users’ participation in such events.

This user data can be very instrumental in resolving technical issues, offering race fuels as per your preferences, and improving your overall experience on the website. In compliance with pseudonymization and data minimization principles of the General Data Protection Regulation, the user data will be aggregated to make it anonymous and limited to the purposes for which it has been collected/processed. Please acknowledge that we do not have any profiling or automated decision-making mechanism on this website.

Third Party Cookies

CONTI STL LLC may use third-party Analytics (Google Analytics, Facebook Pixels, Google Optimize, or others), social media marketing channels (Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, Pinterest or others), marketing networks, or payment processors to analyze/evaluate traffic, monetize this website, and offer more useful features, products, services, or e-commerce solutions on the website. These party service providers may be deploying their own DART cookies to collect your personal data about their Ads serving or your use of third-party services on the website.

We will collaborate with those third parties who have declared themselves in compliance with General Data Protection Regulation, but if you are not comfortable with third-party cookies, you may disable them by changing the default configuration settings of your web browser or using third-party add-ons that block automated tracking tools. You may also visit their respective opt-out pages to disable these DART cookies.

Please understand that cookies are required for the proper functioning of this website, and disabling them or objecting to the processing of user data may prevent you from using certain features or you may not be able to access this website at all.

Purposes and legal basis for processing

Your free, specific, informed and unambiguous consent and our obligations, including the legal obligations in compliance with the applicable laws, contractual obligations resulting from your agreement with CONTI STL LLC, official obligations to act in the public interest, and legitimate interests as outlined in this privacy policy provide the legal basis of data collection/processing on this website.

CONTI STL LLC will obtain your explicit consent for every distinct purpose of data collection/processing unless we have a legal obligation to process your personal data or such processing is necessary for the public interest or required to protect the vital interests of other users or the general public who are incapable of giving their consent. Unless otherwise mentioned in this privacy policy, we will take appropriate measures to ensure that your personal information is accurate, relevant, and exclusively processed for the following purposes:

  • Process your orders and deliver the purchased products in a hassle-free manner.

  • Tracking your preferences, specific requests, or use of the Services on the website.

  • Receiving and responding to your suggestions, requests, or feedback and ensuring that our collaborating partners/third-party service providers take your requests seriously.

  • Resolving complaints and technical issues, and improving the Service being offered on the website.

  • Keeping you informed of your purchase and delivery status, or changes in our terms and conditions, including this Privacy Policy.

  • Facilitating our collaborating partners, service providers, marketing companies, or other third parties to send exclusive deals and promotional offers related to your needs and preferences. You can opt-out or revoke your consent as outlined in this privacy policy.

  • Improving your overall experience on the website and obtaining your consent to use your personal information for any other purpose not listed in this Privacy Policy.


All processing of personal information will take place in compliance with the appropriate safeguards, as set forth by the applicable laws, including the data minimization and pseudonymization principles incorporated into the General Data Protection Regulation.

We are fully committed to ensuring that your personal information is adequately protected against accidental loss, destruction, damage, or unauthorized/unlawful access or processing. We will implement commercially reasonable security protocols and use appropriate technical or organizational measures to ensure that your privacy on this website is never compromised.

All transactions on this website will take place through industry-standard SSL encryption and are directly processed by third-party payment processors. Please review the terms and policies of the respective payment processor before making any transaction on the website. Any payment detail that we receive from such third parties will be handled according to this Privacy Policy.

Please acknowledge that the use of Services on this website is subject to data transmissions over the Internet. Any such transmission of personal information over the Internet has some inherent security risks and you shall bear all the risks that may be involved in using the Services over the Internet.

CONTI STL LLC shall not be liable for any liabilities that may arise from accidental or unlawful destruction, loss, alteration, unauthorized disclosure of, or access to, personal data transmitted, stored, or otherwise processed. However, we will take appropriate measures against continuing or similar data breaches and notify you of all such breaches, without undue delay, unless any such breach:

  • is unlikely to cause high risks to your fundamental rights and freedom

  • is unlikely to cause any harm because appropriate technical and organizational protection were in place at the time of the breach

  • Or any such reporting requires disproportionate efforts.

Sharing and Disclosure

In the discharge of its contractual obligations, CONTI STL LLC may share your personal information with its trusted partners or other third-party service providers who make it possible to process your orders, deliver the products, and run this website in a hassle-free manner, but we will never sell, lease, trade, or otherwise disclose your personal data to any third party for direct marketing/business promotion unless you have given your free, specific, informed, and unambiguous consent to receive promotional offers or exclusive deals from such third party businesses or marketing networks. You can revoke your consent at any time as outlined in this privacy policy, but any such revocation will have no retrospective effect on the processing of your personal data before the withdrawal of your consent.

When sharing your personal information with the service providers or collaborating partners, no additional information will be shared except what may be required by them to deliver the products or perform their services. The collaborating partners, service providers, and other third parties who may have access to your personal information will be obligated to maintain the confidentiality of your personal information in compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation.

Please acknowledge that we may share the user data with the marketing companies, service providers, or other third parties so that they can reach more targeted audiences, perform certain internal functions, or help us in pursuance of our legitimate interests. When sharing the user data, we will follow the principles of Pseudonymisation and use the aggregation techniques or other appropriate measures to ensure non-attribution of user data before sharing it with the marketing companies, service providers, or other third parties.

CONTI STL LLC may also process your personal information in pursuance of certain legitimate interests provided that it does not override your fundamental rights and freedom (that require the protection of your personal data). In all cases where we process or share your personal information in pursuance of any legitimate interest, we will send a separate notification regarding the specific processing operation and involved legitimate interest. You may object to any such processing of personal information in pursuance of our legitimate interests such as:

  • Processing for direct marketing or preventing fraud.

  • Transmitting personal data within the collaborating partners or a group of undertakings to perform certain internal administrative functions.

  • Processing for network and information security, including any sharing or disclosure of personal information to prevent unauthorized access to communication networks or preventing damage to the computer and electronic communication systems.

  • Reporting possible criminal activities or threats to public security and cooperating with law enforcement agencies or other competent authorities.

Upon receiving any such objection, we will explain the compelling grounds of further processing or restrict/erase your personal information from the website/servers.

Privacy Options

You can take the following measures to manage your Privacy on this website:

Access and Correction: You can access your personal information and make necessary corrections if the submitted information is inaccurate, incomplete, or otherwise requires some modifications. If you are unsure whether your personal data is being processed or unable to access/modify your personal information, you can contact our support team to confirm any such processing of your personal information and/or request a modification of personal data being processed. You can also obtain a copy of personal information being processed on the website. Please acknowledge that we may take appropriate measures to verify your identity before considering any such requests and refuse if:

  • Your requests pertain to non-data protection purposes. For example, you are making unduly repeated/inconsistent requests.

  • You fail to specify the information or processing activities related/relevant to your requests.

  • Your request is likely to violate any provisions of the applicable laws or adversely affect the rights of other users on this website.

Right to object and erasure: You can object to any processing of your personal information on this website and/or exercise your right to be forgotten. In case you have subscribed to our newsletter service or otherwise given your consent to any such processing of your personal information for direct marketing, you can unsubscribe from our newsletter service and revoke your consent to receive promotional offers from third parties by following the unsubscribe link at the bottom of such commercial emails, contacting our support team, or using other automated means of objecting that are being made available on this website.

Once you unsubscribe from our newsletters, request personal data erasure, revoke your consent to direct marketing, or otherwise object to any such processing of your personal information, we will stop any further processing of your personal information and delete all personal data unless such processing of information, in whole or parts of it, is necessary for the public interest or required to comply with the applicable laws or other legitimate interests. For example, we may retain personal data if further processing is required for the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims.

However, in all such cases of processing for direct marketing, public interests, or other legitimate interests, we will inform your right to object at the time of data collection or the earliest possible communication with you.

Right to restriction of processing: You may exercise your right to restriction of processing while any complaint/objection is being processed or use this right as an alternative to your right to be forgotten. Once we receive your request for restriction of processing, we will make your personal data temporarily unavailable for further processing unless the processing of information is necessary for the establishment, exercise, or defense of legal claims or required in public interests, including the protection of rights of other users or legal person.

When you exercise the right to be forgotten/restriction of processing, we will take reasonable measures to inform all third parties who may be processing the data unless such notifications involve disproportionate efforts. If the restriction of processing is lifted due to any reason, we will take appropriate measures to inform you.

Disable third-party cookies: You can disable third-party cookies and tracking tools on the website by changing the configuration settings of your web browsers or using third-party add-ons that block such automated tools and techniques of data collection. You can also visit the respective opt-out pages of such third parties to disable their DART cookies.

Data Retention Period

CONTI STL LLC will never retain your personal data in a form that permits your identification except for the period which is necessary to deliver your products, provide the requested services, and fulfill our legal, accounting, or reporting obligations. For tax and reporting purposes, we may retain customer data, including their identity, contact details, financial and transaction data for six years (or the term as outlined in the applicable laws) after they cease being customers.

To determine the retention period of your personal information, we may consider the factors such as the sensitive nature of personal information, potential risk of holding data, the effectiveness of technical or organizational procedures in securing personal information, the extent to which we can achieve our purposes, applicable legal requirements, and the potential harm from any unauthorized use or disclosure of your personal data. As a policy, this retention period will be no longer than what is necessary for the purposes for which your personal data has been collected or it has to be processed.

Unless we have a compelling legitimate interest due to our legal, accounting, or reporting obligations, this retention period is subject to your right to be forgotten. However, when we can make your personal data anonymous so that it can no longer be attributed to you, we can use it indefinitely for our research or statistical purposes.

Third Party Links

This website may contain ads or links to the third-party website, services, or content. We may include such links to monetize this website and provide useful information regarding trending fashion so that you can make well-informed buying decisions on this website. These third-party websites are governed by their own terms and privacy policies. This privacy policy will not protect your personal data on such websites.

Please carefully review the respective privacy statements of third-party websites/services before using them.


The website and its services are not intended for minors and we do not intentionally collect or process any personal information from minors. If you less than 16 years of age or otherwise unable to give your consent (not reached the age at which you are allowed to consent in your State), you can access this website or use the Services only under the guidance and supervision of your legal guardian. CONTI STL LLC will make reasonable efforts to verify that you are otherwise qualified to consent or duly authorized by a person holding your parental responsibilities.

If you are a person holding parental responsibilities and feel that your child has subscribed to our newsletter service or otherwise submitted his or her personal information on the website, please contact our support executives at We will take all the necessary measures to erase the personal information of such minors from our website/servers.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

CONTI STL LLC may modify or replace this Privacy Policy to reflect any changes in the General Data Protection Regulation or related legislation. However, if we make any substantial changes in this privacy policy, we will post an update on this website and, where appropriate, send notifications at your primary email address registered with us.

If this privacy policy is modified, clicking I Agree or related syntaxes (when prompted to do so) shall be deemed as your free, well-informed, and unambiguous consent to accept the modified Privacy Policy.

Contact Us

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this privacy statement, please contact our support executives at You can also reach us at:


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For further assistance or complaint, you can approach Data Protection Supervisory Authority in Latvia:

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