P1 Racing Fuel XR5 Evo 2 (54 L)

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  • 6.20EUR+VAT/ 1litre (stock product)
  • Weight: 45kg
  • Dimensions: 35 x 35 x 65(cm)
  • Shipping Class: ADR
  • Fuel Can Size: 54L

Technical Specifications

P1 XR5 Evo2 is the ultimate evolution of rally fuels formulated with the aim of reaching top performance without compromise, the XR5 Evo2 provides significant power gains in direct-injection engines. Its unique formulation and custom advanced additive package deliver enhanced fuel atomization and mixing. The XR5 Evo2 has been tested by major OEMs in the professional rally scene and won the trust of their engine engineers. Improved formula since 2022 season.


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